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Ultrasonic Cleaning, Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment and Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemicals solutions to your dirt problems.

If dirt is costing you time, money and sales, then we have the solution for you because an ultrasonic cleaning solution is our speciality!!!

We make ultrasonic cleaning equipment, Supply specialist cleaning chemicals and provide an outstanding ultrasonic cleaning solution. So whether you want to do the cleaning yourself or outsource it, we can provide the CUSTOMISED CLEANING SOLUTION FOR YOU.

During the last 10 years we have cleaned motor parts, engines, print rollers, filters, heat exchangers, inter-coolers, CNC bellows, tubes, circuit boards, louvers, aircraft parts, turbos, dampers and turbines for our customers. Our speciality is making tanks for and providing an ultrasonic cleaning service for anilox rollers and industrial parts  but if you need something cleaning we would be happy to discuss if ultrasonics can work for you.

Ultrasonics can remove grease, scale, rust, inks, oils, carbon and much more. If you are still losing time, money, and business through dirt the solution is just a click or call away TODAY.

Our Services

Here at sonic solutions we offer a wide range of services to help you get right cleaning solution to meet your requirements. Why not click on the links below to find out more information on how we can help you .

ultrasonic bath


With many experience in making ultrasonic
tanks for a wide variety
of industries, we can almost certainly
 solve your cleaning problems 
quickly, professionally and affordably.


ultrasonic chemicals


We have ultrasonic cleaning chemicals that 
remove greases, inks, scale, rust oils,
carbons and general dirt from pretty
every material you can imagine



We offer an ultrasonic cleaning service which
 goes down to the micron particle so that
parts go further. When we clean diesel engines it
 gives up to an extra 250,000 miles further.

Our Clients

We have built up a wide range of customers who are always happy to return. Our reputation speaks for itself!

What Our Clients Say

Really great company to work with we have used them a few times now. Andrew and toby are really friendly and knowledgeable about what chemicals to use and they always get my items cleaned like new cheers guys

Rachael Wilson

“We first approached Sonic about an ultrasonic cleaner and the demo they gave was really impressive. Until we get our cleaner we’re using their cleaning chemicals and cleaning service. They’re experts at what they do, and always friendly and helpful. They really do work with you to sort your cleaning problems.”
Zoe Fairfoull

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